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Chenin Blanc

tasting notes

The nose presents with forward Chenin Blanc citrus notes of lemon pith, warm orange and stone fruits of peach and apricot. There are hints of waxy macadamia, pistachio and toasted almond nuts bringing forward the flor and Madeirised components. Mineral notes of slate, oyster shell, iodine, ocean mist and kelp are present after the wine begins to breathe finishing off with an earthy cedar and cinnamon-nutmeg spice fullness. The palate is weighty, round and full yet fresh, taut and zesty. Upfront the minerality of sea shells and Maldon salt are balanced with the liveliness of warm pineapple, lemon zest and fresh peach. The palate is rounded off with the richness of raw almonds, coconut shavings and pistachio shell. The texture is mouth-coating with chalky, pithy tannins with a persistent finish of tart, fresh lemon, orange peel and cardamom pods. Drink now until 2020. Best paired with seafood, white meat, game bird, fresh salads, sushi and tapas style meals of olives, charcuterie, pickled fish and cheeses.


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