Moscato d’Asti (2015)


Moscato d'Asti





tasting notes

The Ascheri Moscato d’Asti is made from 100% estate-grown Moscato grapes picked in early September, at the start of their harvest period. Ascheri owns 1.8 hectares of prime, east-facing, sloping Moscato vineyards in the commune of Serralunga d’Alba. The vines are 31 years of age. The ideal limestone-sand-soil enhances ripening and imparts body, freshness and complexity to the wine. The fruit is handpicked and transported to the winery in small plastic crates, where it is quickly destemmed and very gently pressed. The juice is lightly cleared at low temperature, after which fermentation begins and the temperature rises to a controlled maximum of 18C. Fermentation proceeds with only the sugar present in the grapes as picked; none is added. The vinification tank is kept closed in order to preserve the natural CO2. After about 4 days, the fermentation is stopped at a low alcohol level by cooling and then filtration (to remove the yeasts.) The Moscato d’Asti is then immediately bottled, usually at the end of October, to preserve all of the wine’s exuberant, fresh and zesty peach, citrus, ginger and mango flavored fruit. The small level of residual sugar in the finished wine, balanced by the bright fruity acidity of the Moscato, comes only from the sugar naturally present in the grapes at harvest. The Ascheri white wines are labelled with the name of the family estate’s matriarch, Cristina.

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