Domaine Marcel Deiss

Grand Cru Schoenenbourg (2011)


Blend - Field


Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic

tasting notes

This terroir yields the most age-worthy wines in Alsace. Surprising robe, with the slightest presence of lees that clears up very quickly with air, presenting lively yellow-green tints. An incredible nose where chinchona bark, lime tree, and wet earth compete. With air, the nose amplifies and expands, becomes more complex and finds balance, always very mineral and austere, with extreme depth (that is so complex that it is almost impossible to describe!). On the palate, it’s a wine with a nearly overwhelming tension, with a vinous acidity, cold, impressive length, immodest form, dominating, a predator. As long as the Great Wall of China, impassive as the X dynasty, the enigmatic face of Buddha!


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