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Dry Riesling Reserve (2015)

Dry Riesling Reserve – Wine Advocate – 90 Points

The 2015 Dry Riesling Reserve comes in with 7.9 grams per liter of residual sugar and 13.6% alcohol. More unusually, it was aged and fermented in neutral French oak for eight months. While the regular 2015 (also reviewed) was a blend of five vineyards, this was a single-vineyard offering—specifically, winemaker Kelby Russell said, “William Dalrymple in Ovid [halfway up on the east side of Seneca Lake].” This is the first vintage of this label. The oak is handled well and there is little evidence of flavor alteration, although this does have a more muted nature than the regular Riesling this issue. Although this feels fuller in the mouth than the regular 2015 and has just a hint of sugar on the end (which will blow off in time), I can’t say I really liked this much better. It’s different, not necessarily a quantum leap forward. That said, it is nicely done and more than a little interesting. It will probably be the wine that will age best of the winery’s trio this issue. There were just 50 cases produced.

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