Don Mannarone

Don Mannarone is a Sicilian wine and brand produced by MGM-Mondo del Vino, which was founded on April 5th, 1991. The founders Alfeo Martini, Roger Gabb and Christoph Mack created what is now one of the most important privately owned wine group in Italy, operating in many areas of Italy and making a variety of… Read more »


Owned by Bacchanal Wine Imports, Liotro represents the direct involvement of Bacchanal’s family into the selection of the wines. This unique advantage guarantees consumers the highest quality for the best price. Each year, the selection is made in strict collaboration with the winemakers and the producers from various regions throughout Italy, so that consistency and quality are maintained year after… Read more »

Tenuta Bonincontro

The generosity of the sun, the embrace of the sea, the traditions of myth and…the goodness of wine. In Sicily, more than anywhere else, the hot weather, the wind and the different soil varieties offer to the vine the best conditions for growth. The organic wines produced by Tenuta Bonincontro are an important reality to the… Read more »

Vino Lauria

Alcamo is an ancient city founded in 828 by the Muslim commander al-Kamuk (after whom it is named). The Normans came into town around 1060 moving the Muslims out. Move over Normans, the Christians show up in 1221 followed by the Kingdom of Naples who reigned until 1618 when The House of Bourbon from France… Read more »