Loire Valley

Chavet Fils

The Chavet family has been growing vines since the 17th century – in the very heart of the Menetou-Salon vineyard – and has succeeded in developing a unique know-how. The estate expands over 23 hectares, and the family has invested in modern equipment in order to meet new demands and standards. Their passion is inevitable and… Read more »

Claude Riffault

At barely 30 years old, Stéphane Riffault (Claude’s son and now owner of the estate) is turning out Sancerre bottlings that are the envy of many producers twice his age. As David Schildknecht put it, “make no mistake: this address in the hamlet of Maison Salle (Sury-en-Vaux) is now one of the five or six… Read more »

Domaine André Neveu

André Neveu, owner and winemaker of his eponymous domaine in the tiny village of Chavignol, has been making wine for over 45 years. André, locally known only as ‘Casio,’ is a seventh-generation winemaker in this village known mostly for its famous ‘Crottin de Chavignol,’ which is a small round of aged goat’s cheese that is… Read more »

Domaine Baron

Jean-Pierre and his son Samuel Baron own a 20-hectare family domaine in the village of Thesee, about a 30-minute drive east of Tours, on the right-bank of the Cher River. Beginning in 1946, Jean-Pierre’s father was among the first to plant Sauvignon Blanc grapes in this region, which is now recognized as Appellation Touraine Controlee…. Read more »

Domaine Daridan

After several wine experiences in France and abroad (Spain, Australia and New Zealand), Benoit Daridan took over the 15-hectare family vineyard in 2001. He is the 7th generation. His wines reflect his passion for his terroir, and he works tirelessly to preserve its local tradition. The vineyard is located in the heart of the Loire… Read more »

Domaine de la Fruitière

Granite rock was used for centuries to build the massive fortresses that dot the landscape of Muscadet. Its density and structure were rarely breached by arrow, cannonball, or the good ‘ole medieval siege. Because of its density and the fact that it is everywhere in Muscadet, its unclear why anyone would think that this was the place to plant hectares and… Read more »

Domaine de la Garrelière

Located near the small town of Richelieu, in the most Southern part of the AOC Touraine (as a matter of fact, the village is separated from the main AOC), lies Domaine de la Garrelière. The town was renowned in the 1600s (During Cardinal Richelieu’s heyday in the 1630s, the town did indeed supply his court… Read more »

Domaine de la Guilloterie

Just six miles south of the Loire Valley city of Saumur is Saint-Cyr en Bourg, home for six generations of the Duveau family. Since 1835, members of the family have owned and managed Domaine de la Guilloterie. It is now Patrice and Philippe Duveau’s turn to carry on the family legacy and manage the 50… Read more »

Domaine de la Noblaie

A trip to Domaine de la Noblaie is like stepping back in time. For starters, the Crusaders used to live in their back yard. It is still called “The Place of the White Coats” to this day as this parcel of vines was once home to a taxing station used to finance the Christian crusades…. Read more »