Castilla y León


Mariano García is considered to be one of the most experienced vintners in the world. Together with Javier Zaccagnini, who topped off 26 years of managerial practice with an MBA, formed a perfect synergy with the one ultimate goal: to produce one of the best red wines in the world. With this they created Aalto… Read more »

Alvar de Dios

Toro is like the 1980s – big shoulder pads, teased hair and a gaudy energy that seems to be chemically enhanced. It’s a DO that, in most regards, is caught in a time warp, much like that mauve and teal bathroom you’ve been meaning to remodel. Having built its reputation on a style of wine… Read more »

Bodegas Marañones

While not an official DO, the Gredos is home to a group of young, passionate and innovative winemakers who are pushing the boundaries of viniculture in a region that has long been simply seen as a place for bulk wine to slack the thirst of nearby Madrid. In a country of mountains and high plateaux,… Read more »

Comando G

A short distance away from Madrid, the rugged, weathered peaks of the Sierra de Gredos serve as a refreshingly cool retreat from the heat and the bustle of the capital. Ancient hilltop towns and cottages dot the tortured landscape of alpine meadows, tumbled boulders and thick scrub brush. Clustered around this rocky spine are several… Read more »

Dominio Basconcillos

The state of the art bodega, located among the vines château-style, is efficiently designed to obtain maximum quality. Grapes are harvested and delivered in 16kg crates, de-stemmed, and thrice-selected before entering the gravity flow process as whole berries. Bordeaux-trained native enologist Francisco Barona seeks concentration with maximum freshness and balance, taking advantage of the high… Read more »

Familia Díaz Bayo

The Díaz Bayo family are perennial growers in the village of Fuentelcésped, where viticulture dates to the 1100s and Reconquest of the Duero Valley. Ideal conditions for vines were found along the Arroyo de la Nava, a high valley just ten miles to the southeast of modern-day Aranda de Duero. The estate comprises nearly 100… Read more »

Hacienda Monasterio

Hacienda Monasterio has a special place in our hearts and cellars. Having remained at the vanguard of the evolution of the DO of Ribera del Duero since its founding in 1991, Hacienda Monasterio continues to innovate and seek new ways to make wines that embody the region’s potential for power, elegance and finesse. Guiding this… Read more »

Losada Vinos de Finca

Established in 2004, the beautiful ultra-modern facility of Losada Vinos de Finca lies in the heart of Bierzo’s finest vineyard area. Following an explosive period in which the Bierzo region leapt to worldwide fame on the merits of a few highly-extracted and noticeably oaky wines, Losada’s founding philosophy is to take the region’s wine to… Read more »

Màquina y Tabla

The Màquina y Tabla team is comprised of Oriol and Susana. They are a small family business that started its journey in 2012 in Castilla y León. They pay close attention to detail and believe in a high quality wine, always respectful of land and nature. This project started from scratch, and Oriol and Susana traveled through… Read more »