Benjamin Leroux

Ben takes a domaine philosophy, focused on establishing and maintaining contracts with growers who work for top quality vines and fruit rather than seeking prestigious appellations. Ben and his team carefully guide the vineyard work, for the most part carried out by the owners. Vines are plowed and are at least lutte raisonnée, while many… Read more »

Bonnet Rouge

The bulk of the French revolutionary army were scrappy, working-class partisans from the lower classes. Although they could not afford proper equipment, they took up arms to fight for their freedom and equality. Without uniforms, they distinguished themselves with red Phrygian caps “bonnet rouge” or the Red Cap of Liberty. Bonnet Rouge carries the revolutionary… Read more »

Bret Brothers

These young brothers Jean-Philippe and Jean-Guillaume Bret, much praised by the more intelligent press, are incredibly talented. They have the unmistakable, and highly contagious, spark of people who are trying against difficult odds to raise the standards of an appellation. They are neither alone or the first, but they are part of a very small… Read more »

Domaine Benoît Cantin

Domaine Benoît Cantin covers 13.5 hectares and has been a staple of Irancy for many generations. Benoît took over in 1994 and hopes to pass down the legacy to his children, Felicien and Emeline, in a few years. Benoît is currently still working on the property with his father Bernard. Though not organically certified, Benoît… Read more »

Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils

It’s impossible to discuss Chassagne-Montrachet without mentioning the name Bernard Moreau. Year to year, this celebrated producer vinifies and bottles some of the purest, most thought-provoking wines of the appellation. Employing a style of wine making that might best be described as hands-off, Bernard produces Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that are sensual, opulent and utterly… Read more »

Domaine Bruno Clair

Born out of the old Clair-Dau estate, Bruno Clair’s wings are spread widely over the Côte d’Or, covering nine appellations in total. Bruno, first and foremost, is a vigneron and, with the help of winemaker Philippe Brun, produces some of Burgundy’s purest examples, adopting an approach that involves back-breaking vineyard work and minimal intervention winemaking,… Read more »

Domaine Dujac

Not long after purchasing vineyards in the late 1960s and releasing his first wines in the early 1970s Jacques Seysses became an international icon. His ability to coax the utmost flavor and texture from his grapes set him apart from his Burgundian brethren. Jacques’ respect for the terroir of the Côte d’Or is still on… Read more »

Domaine Dupré

Domaine Dupré was founded in the early 1950s with only 3 hectares of vines, along with cereals and livestock. By 1990, when Jean-Christophe joined his father, they farmed 12 hectares of only vineyards. After absorbing several other smaller holdings, today Domaine Dupré covers 26 hectares, 40% of which are planted with Chardonnay. The choice of… Read more »

Domaine Jean-Claude Bessin

Though trained as an architect, Jean-Claude Bessin preferred to take over the vineyards of his Tremblay father-in-law who provided wine for the local cooperative. From his 12 hectares he produces Chablis vieilles vignes, Chablis Montmains premier cru, Chablis Fourchaume premier cru and Chablis Valmur grand cru. A special cuvée of Fourchaume is labelled as La… Read more »