Züm Mosel

Region: Mosel Nahe Pfalz

Winery Info

As a mouth-watering and food-friendly Riesling from Germany’s famed Mosel river valley, it’s no surprise that Züm Mosel Riesling is the flagship signature wine from Schäfer-Reichart Selections. The wine is sourced from traditional, small family growers with top vineyard holdings along the Middle Mosel, and it represents the best of old world winemaking tradition. The grapes are grown in steep slate hillside vineyard plots surrounding the ancient town of Bernkastel, which overlooks the famous Landshut castle pictured on the label. Züm Mosel winemakers are actively involved in every step of the process of producing this high quality QbA, from harvest to vinification and all the way through bottling. It’s this strong interaction between growers, winemaker and importer results in a sensational and high-caliber Riesling that’s not commonly found in the QbA arena.

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