Region: California
Winemaker(s): Ryan Zotovich , Brian Smith

Winery Info

Wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. Winc believes that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine should be as simple as enjoying one. Our team creates and curates over a hundred wines, and makes the experience of exploring wine easy and pleasurable—So you can spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass. Winc was founded in 2012 by Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane because of a shared belief that wine should be more accessible: simpler to get and easier to enjoy. They joined forces with winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith to build a personalized wine club that has quickly grown into Winc—a California-based winery offering an online subscription experience, with wines that are featured at select retailers and restaurants nationwide. Winc is a thriving community of hundreds of thousands of wine lovers that is growing everyday.

Although Winc sources its grapes from myriad destinations, we remain intimately connected to every facet of the winemaking process. Spearheading that commitment is Ryan Zotovich, whose wealth of experience at Central California Coast vineyards make him an ideal fit as our director of winemaking. From harvest to crush to bottling to sourcing unique varietals, Ryan and his staff are unendingly hands-on, to ensure that the final product always meets Winc’s vision.

“That’s the thing that’s cool about wine. There is a wine for everybody. There is the whole rainbow color gamut available which is really exciting and as a winemaker we can find what people like and refine and fine tune and have something for everybody and de-mistify the whole thing and make it accessible for everyone. We’re pushing the balance and exploring and trying new things and trying to bring new things to the table. Pushing the balance, making things different, challenging the status quo, and making a better one.”

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