Turnbull Cellars

Region: California
Winemaker(s): Peter Heitz

Winery Info

Turnbull Cellars has been rooted in the culture and history of the Napa Valley since 1979. Operating as a small, family business from the original estate winery in Oakville, the winery stands for exceptional quality and a true Napa Valley wine experience, as it should be. Turnbull Cellars aims to build on a legacy, and it means everything for the team to be able to care for and oversee each step along the way, from growing grapes to making wine. It roots them in their future and in sustaining such a special place.

Turnbull stands for its place of origin, which enables them to produce a truly great Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, dirt to bottle. Vines and fruit from the curated portfolio of estate vineyards are tended to throughout Oakville and in Calistoga. Turnbull is immensely proud to own and sustainably farm from these exceptional pieces of land, since they reflect some of the best terroir the Napa Valley has to offer. The sites – Turnbull Vineyard, Amoenus Vineyard, Fortuna Vineyard and Leopoldina Vineyard – serve as a true fingerprint of place and produce wines that are balanced, complex and exceptional in quality.

Turnbull Cellars is offered through Verity exclusively in New York.


Photos © Erin Kunkel and Michal Venera

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