The Three Foxes

Region: Western Cape
Winemaker(s): Chris Mullineux

Winery Info

The Three Foxes is a small-scale winery set up in 2004 by three young South African friends. The focus is to make small parcels of outstanding wine (no more than 2000 bottles per vintage) from grapes sources from the most exciting vineyards around the Cape. Chris Mullineux, Olivier Schildt and Pascal Schildt are the brains behind the operation, each with an extensive background and individual specialty within the winemaking world. They spend a lot of time ensuring that The Three Foxes is nothing short of excellent, whether it’s sourcing the special parcels of vines, or working closely with the grape growers. This approach gives them the freedom to keep things fresh, dynamic and interesting, since quality is not connected to specific vineyard sites but rather it is a product of their interactive working relationships with the growers.

To make sure the vineyards express themselves in the wine, the vinification is completely minimalistic, and apart from minimal levels of sulfur, nothing else is added. To preserve the true character of the wines they are aged in French barrels, and bottled unfiltered and unfined. The idea with The Three Foxes is to always be fresh and interesting, and never get caught up in the stiff, pompous perceptions that surround the wine world today.

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