Tenuta Bonincontro

Region: Sicilia
Proprietor(s): Rosario Alescio
Winemaker(s): Massimo Maggio

Winery Info

The generosity of the sun, the embrace of the sea, the traditions of myth and…the goodness of wine. In Sicily, more than anywhere else, the hot weather, the wind and the different soil varieties offer to the vine the best conditions for growth. The organic wines produced by Tenuta Bonincontro are an important reality to the territory. In following his passion for wine, Rosario Alescio founded Tenuta Bonincontro in 2004. Massimo Maggio, experienced winemaker and owner of Maggio Vini, helps Rosario from the vinification through the final production.

Tenuta Bonincontro was created with the goal of further improving the quality of wine production in southeastern Sicily through the incorporation of passion and professionalism. Every bottle of Bonincontro is packed not only with vibrant flavors, but also with the history, knowledge and understanding of the land, as well as those who dedicate their lives to serving it. The territory is unique and unrepeatable: a maze of natural, archaeological and architectural beauty. Here the churches and palaces of Ragusa, Modica, Comiso and Scicli, or those in Art Nouveau style, testify not only to the splendor of an aristocratic past, but also to the industriousness and the intelligence of the Sicilian people. Bonincontro focuses diligently on the organic production of wines out of respect for the environment and the land, and 100% of their wines have received organic certification.

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