Proud Pour

Region: California

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Proud Pour is dedicated to making your Happy Hours even more celebratory. Every time you buy a bottle of our Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc “The Oyster,” 100 wild oysters are restored to local waters. This group of hardworking bivalves will filter up to 5,000 gallons of water a day, help sea plants receive sunlight by removing nitrogen from the water, and provide habitat for fish, crabs, lobster and other species. Oysters are known as a “keystone species” because where they live they act as the foundation of a healthy ecosystem.

Berlin Kelly founded Proud Pour in 2004 as a way to connect her passion for high-quality, sustainable foods and wines with her concern for the environment. She had begun creating fermented beverages as part of New York City’s Homebrewer’s Guild, and the light bulb went off one evening when she was drinking wine, eating oysters, and watching ShellShocked, a documentary about the oyster’s decline and efforts in New York to restore it. Soon after, Proud Pour was born.

Proud Pour shares the mission of its oyster restoration partners, and the goal is for our shorelines and bays to once again teem with millions of oysters. Imagine if the streets of New York City were again lined with carts selling freshly-shucked oysters, or if oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay could return to historical levels, which were 100 times the current amount. Oyster beds used to drive local economies, keep our water clean, and serve as natural barriers protecting our cities from hurricanes. Over-harvesting and pollution took a toll, but Proud Pour and its partners are doing amazing work to build back the oyster reefs that sustain our shorelines.

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