PlumpJack Winery

Region: California
Winemaker(s): Aaron Miller , Brett Brockmeyer

Winery Info

Gavin Newsom and Gordon Getty established PlumpJack Winery in 1995, inspired by one of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters, Sir John “PlumpJack” Falstaff. His down-to-earth, fun-loving, irreverent nature is rivaled only by his fierce loyalty to Prince Hal, with whom he shares more than a few goblets of wine at the local tavern. PlumpJack Winery appreciates this hearty fellow’s priorities. They pay allegiance to their world-class vineyard by crafting wines of the highest quality, and they celebrate the convivial spirit of their namesake with their inviting, approachable style. Even their tasting room encourages camaraderie, with doors wide open to longtime wine lovers and new enthusiasts alike.

PlumpJack Winery sits squarely in the heart of Napa Valley’s renowned Oakville region, surrounded by a 42-acre estate vineyard highly regarded for the quality of its Cabernet Sauvignon. Both the winery building and vineyard date back to the 1800s, which is when winemaking pioneers first took advantage of a unique position on the valley floor. The east side of the vineyard lies along the foothills of the Vaca mountain range and yields grapes with the kind of bold fruit character that comes from well-draining hillside soils. To the west, the estate lies in the Napa River floor zone, allowing vines to take root in rich, deep clay soils to produce grapes with softer, suppler varietal character. From the oldest, rockiest section – the “I” Block that sources Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve – to more recent plantings, PlumpJack strives to maintain balanced vines. Thanks to the full, expressive range of the estate, the resulting wines have become known for their intriguing complexity.

From 1973 to 1995, proprietors James and Anne McWilliams brought the estate vineyard to prominence with the dynamic, long-lived wines of Villa Mt. Eden Winery. PlumpJack is proud to carry on their fine heritage. Today, winemaker Aaron Miller and his team create the full-bodied, elegant wines that have earned the winery high critical acclaim. For each wine, he selects methods that allow our vineyards to shine through. He monitors vines for peak ripeness, chooses fermentation in oak or stainless steel, and ages the wines in a variety of oak barrels from distinctive cooperages.

PlumpJack is offered through Verity exclusively in New York.

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