Region: Champagne

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The Montaudon family’s connection to Champagne began in 1891 with Auguste-Louis, a Cellar Master at Epernay. The family passion for Champagne-making was passed down from generation to generation, as Montaudon became a name to be reckoned with in Champagne. Auguste-Louis’ son, Auguste-Eugène, combined this tradition with a great entrepreneurial spirit, founding the Maison Montaudon. The company enjoyed its first golden age of commercial prosperity in the heady tumult of the Golden twenties in Paris.

In 1936 Josephine Baker, the iconic start of the Folies Bergères, signed an exclusive contract with Maison Montaudon for the supply of a ‘First Class Champagne’ to her Parisian cabaret. Philippe, son of Auguste-Eugène, built up a network of close partnerships within the Champagne region, signing agreements with various winegrowers to ensure a stable supply of top-quality grapes. His natural charisma and formidable business skills saw him serve as President of the Champagne Merchants’ Union for six years. He also established a strict system of quality control for all wines bearing the Montaudon name.

Luc, the son of Philippe, worked to consolidate Maison Montaudon’s place in the traditional French market. Flying the flag for the Montaudon brand, and the Champagne region as a whole, he also worked tirelessly to boost the company’s international reputation. His extensive travels and savvy investments in new markets helped to establish Montaudon as a name that Champagne lovers worldwide — from casual drinkers to seasoned connoisseurs — know and trust.

Maison Montaudon joined the Alliance Champagne group in December 2010. Nowadays, Alliance Champagne Group is just as committed to preserving and perpetuating this ancestral tradition of excellence. Montaudon values: sharing, conviviality and indulgence. Look for the Champagne with the red ‘M’… the unMistakable promise of a truly special Moment!

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