Region: Castilla y León
Winemaker(s): Richard Sanz

Winery Info

The three Sanz siblings behind Menade are Marco, the viticulturalist, Richard, the winemaker, and Alejandra, the manager of sales and communications. Each has a tremendous amount of respect for what their family has achieved in Rueda, but they are not content to rest on anyone’s laurels. Marco has converted the property to organic farming, Richard has traveled widely to learn his trade working stints in Spain, France, Hungary and Chile – experiences that have taught him that the future of Rueda lies in championing the indigenous Verdejo variety – and Alejandra has been happily traveling the world promoting the terruno of Rueda and the wines of Menade.

The Sanz siblings agree that organic farming, vines growing on chalk and careful night harvesting are all essential to produce vibrant and fresh wines. Fermentations are done in temperature controlled tanks under a blanket of CO2 and using only indigenous yeasts. A variety of tank sizes are at their disposal, so fermentations can be made by flavor profile and minor variations of soil. While it’s common in the DO to blend Sauvignon with Verdejo, Richard makes three purely Verdejo cuvees, each expressing a unique variation of the varietal.

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