Mas Doix

Region: Catalonia
Winemaker(s): Sandra Doix

Winery Info

Almost all of the cellars in the Priorat are new creations. Behind many of them are venerable families who can trace their history in the region back centuries. Few, however, can claim an ancestor who was an early proponent of the region and its wines. Juan Extrems Doix made wines in Poboleda in the 19th century that won awards in Paris and Barcelona, and he is the inspiration his descendant’s 1998 revival of this tradition with the creation of Mas Doix.

Mas Doix is the project of two related families, the Doix and Llagostera, who farm 19 hectares of vines near the village of Poboleda. Geographically, the town is located in the North Eastern sector of the Priorat and is protected by 2 natural barriers: the northwest-facing Montsant and southeast-facing Serra del Mollo. Due to the close proximity to both barriers, Poboleda can take advantage of the colder breeze that arrives from the North East and cools the entire valley. Mas Doix is comprised of six sites in this region, with three lending their names to cuvees at the estate: Crestes, Salanques and Doix. Crestes is considered to be the “youngest” site with a combination of 50-year old Carinyena and Garnacha vines and 20-year old Garnacha and Syrah vines. Salanques features 70 to 90-year old Carinyena and Garnacha. Finally, Doix, which is the oldest vineyard on the property, is planted with Carinyena vines dating back to 1902 and Garnacha planted a few decades after. This is the source for two of the most prominent wines Mas Doix produces, famous for their powerful yet elegant expression that show the depth of old-vine fruit.

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