Region: Pfalz
Winemaker(s): Klaus Lucas

Winery Info

Owned and operated by the Lucas family and rumored to be one of Pfalz’s finest wine producers is Lucashof Estate. The property dwells in the southern sector of Rhineland-Palatinate in a famous, a region oftentimes referred to as the “German Tuscany.” This famous wine village enjoys a climate and geographical terrain that, when combined, create the perfect conditions for producing terroir expressive, top quality wines.

Upon retiring, Edmund Lucas Sr. passed the reigns of the business off to Hans and Klaus Lucas to take care of the vineyards and winemaking, respectively. Both brothers graduated from the renowned Geisenheim School of Oenology along with Klaus’ wife Christine, who is also a dedicated member of the team and spearheads the estate’s marketing and sales initiatives while taking care of their three children. The Lucashof winery proudly employs environmentally sound viticultural techniques and organic cultivation, which means that Hans and Klaus use neither herbicides nor insecticides and instead opt for organic fertilizers. They stand by their philosophy of minimal intervention at every step of the winemaking process, and it’s this incredible dedication, attention to detail and thoughtful care in the vineyard in cellar that elevates Lucashof wine to surpass any other.

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