Losada Vinos de Finca

Region: Castilla y León
Winemaker(s): Amancio Fernández

Winery Info

Established in 2004, the beautiful ultra-modern facility of Losada Vinos de Finca lies in the heart of Bierzo’s finest vineyard area. Following an explosive period in which the Bierzo region leapt to worldwide fame on the merits of a few highly-extracted and noticeably oaky wines, Losada’s founding philosophy is to take the region’s wine to a higher level and maximize the elegance, balance and purity of expression.

Jesus Manzanares designed the winery’s building after being inspired by an ancient winding stone wall, which now marks the original boundaries of the area and has since seen restoration and consolidation work. The architectural layout is catered to the winemaking process and experience, with the tasting room and looking point exposed to light and the wine production areas kept underground. This spatial organization of underground vinification and ageing creates the ideal environment for winemaking, keeps energy consumption down to a minimum, and contributes to the vineyard’s efforts to protect the natural environment. Additionally, solar panels are used to supply energy for the entire process.

Losada wines are differentiated according to vineyard origin rather than length of time spent in the barrel. The vineyard believes that the role of the barrel is to let the wine breathe slowly through the pores of the oak, thus adding complexity and greater longevity to the wine without losing its freshness and varietal character. 100% Mencia vineyards owned or managed by Losada are farmed sustainably with yields kept to a minimum, and all wines undergo malolactic fermentation in French oak.

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