Les Antiquaires du Cognac

Region: Cognac

Winery Info

These incredible and rare offerings are available for the first time in the United States and are limited to one hundred bottles for the entire country.

Like many things French, this is an unique family story that started in the 19th century with a distillery, which now produces single vineyard, single barrel, vintage Cognacs aged over 40 years – a truly rare thing in the commercial world of Cognac. The Meil Family has built upon acquired ancestral knowledge in selecting and aging eaux-de-vie for distillation. Over the course of five generations, they have selected out the best barrels of already superlative vintages (originally only for family use), and aged these barrels for decades to bring the alcohol at cask strength down to optimum drinking proof naturally, through evaporation only…an incredible feat of perseverance, vision, and optimism!

President David Meil has inherited the family legacy, and in conjunction with Kimberley Jones, is offering these rare Cognacs to select restaurants and fine retail shops. Each is made from a single cru, never blended, no added oak or caramel, and they stand as the finest examples from the specific terroirs of the Cognac region.

Certified Vintage or in some cases Hors d’Age, these Cognacs are the last of a numbered line – each bottle unique. As in haute couture, each bottle is sealed and trimmed by hand with an intricately woven raw cord that holds the label. Each label is hand written by a calligrapher, and the bottle is carefully prepared and packaged in a magnificent solid oak box.

The five Les Antiquaires bottlings have become the official Cognac of Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and were given perfect scores in Le Monde by Roberto Petronio.

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