Kutch Wines

Region: California
Winemaker(s): Jamie Kutch

Winery Info

In the pursuit of trying to create the highest quality, most balanced wines possible, the old saying goes “wine is made in the vineyard.” Following that philosophy, Kutch Wines strives to use well-positioned, cold climate sites that have the appropriate soils.

Due to the challenge of locating and securing such sites, production grows at a slow but steady pace. Once the fruit is harvested, it is handled with the utmost care, sorted meticulously and moved only by gravity. Kutch attempts to pursue a minimalist philosophy, trying to provide the purest expression of Pinot Noir from a particular place and time, taking great care not to over-manipulate the wines in the cellar. This minimal interventionalist style of wine-making is reflected in our use of indigenous yeast, minimal acid adjustments, with the absence of adding any color-enhancing agents.

All punch-downs are done by bare hand or feet. Upon completion of fermentation, the wine is gravity-flowed into French oak barrels, where they remain unmoved while aging sur lie (on the fine lees). The wines are racked until ready to be bottled, which is nearly 16 months after harvest. At Kutch, wines are encouraged to express all of the natural greatness of their vineyard origins.

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