Huguet de Can Feixes

Region: Catalonia
Winemaker(s): Josep Maria Huguet

Winery Info

On the slopes of the mountains that separate the comarcas of Penedès and Anoia, in the extreme northwest of Alt Penedes on the highlands of Cabrera and Mediona, the Can Feixes estate goes quietly about its business of respect for tradition and terroir. Here, at an altitude of 400 meters, the vines are subject to more extreme thermal conditions that cause a slower ripening of the fruit. This yields grapes of greater concentration with a more harmonious, velvety constitution. Limited production enables them to respect their convictions about the responsible use of their land and its wider environment. The intense care that is required to produce wines of the highest quality and character may limit their scope for growth, but it accords perfectly with their beliefs about the landscape on which they act as stewards for generations to come. Founded in 1768 by Don Jaime Feixes, the vineyard terrain has remained unchanged in boundary since its original discovery and is now handled by brothers Joan and Josep Maria Huguet.

The soil is chalk clay and quite rocky, but with certain capacity to retain water. Together, climate and soil might be seen as adverse limiting factors. In fact, they are anything but. The combination results in a lower yield, but of grapes with a singular character and exceptional quality. It also lends itself perfectly to the cultivation of the ideal varieties of Parellada, Macabeo, Malvasia de Sitges, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Pinot Noir and petit Verdot. From these, and exclusively from our own vineyards, we produce a range of finely crafted wines and cavas.

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