Fief Aux Dames

Region: Loire Valley

Winery Info

The Fief Aux Dames vineyard is located in Monnières in the heart of the historic “Vignoble Nantais”, and it has been run by the Braud family for nearly a century through five generations. They primarily produce “Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie”.

The estate is “Terras Vitis” Certified. “Terra Vitis is the stamp of French vinegrower-winemakers who respect nature and Man and who craft wines to please the taste buds.” Terra Vitis shows the inseparable link between vines and terroir.

Domaine Fief Aux Dames produces several different cuvées that reflect the true character of their different “terroirs”: selections from specific plots, blended cuvees, ageing in oak casks, etc.

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