Evening Land Vineyards

Region: Oregon
Winemaker(s): Sashi Moorman , Rajat Parr

Winery Info

The Evening Land has long been a symbol of the dream quest to find the mythical Greek garden where the golden fruits of immortality grew – tethered to the setting sun on the western rim of the unknown world – just beyond the reach of mortals. Inspired by the myth, the journey began to find the “perfect vinegarden” along the coastal world in which exceptional Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir and Chardonnay grapes could grow.

Situated in the southeastern Eola-Amity Hills, Evening Land’s Seven Springs Vineyard is dry-farmed using biodynamic practices. The Pacific Ocean Breeze, volcanic soil, eastern exposure and high elevatin contribute to the natural preservation of the grapes’ acidity and enrich the wines with elegant flavors and minerality. Sixty-five acres were initially planted in the early 1980s and has since expanded to cover seventy acres of land.

At Evening Land, the goal is to explore great terroir and reflect that greatness in every bottle that is produced. This begins in the vineyard with a constant stewardship of the land. Evening Land strives to make wines that reflect only the essence of the vineyard – the unique conjunction between a place, nature and time. Nothing is added; nothing is removed. The winemakers practice precision viticulture and let the land express itself, and they embrace the unique character of every vintage. Evening Land wines are created with energy, purity, transparency and elegance with insistence on true appreciation of site.

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