Domaine Magdalena

Region: Washington
Winemaker(s): Maggie Hedges

Winery Info

Maggie Hedges grew up in Northern California and her farther was a wine connoisseur in the 70s, before it was trendy. When Maggie met her husband, Christophe, she loved red wine, but her entire experience was based around California – she knew nothing about Washington State wine. She was virtually a blank slate. Christophe, half French and already seeped in the industry through his family winery, was her guide. Maggie underwent a steep learning curve – some of her first dinners with the in-laws included blind tastings – but a passion for Washington vineyards, specifically the Red Mountain AVA, became ingrained quickly.  In addition to Washington wines, she learned to enjoy so many other wines by cultivating an appreciation for place, otherwise known as terroir. When Maggie and Cristophe married in 2004, instead of taking a honeymoon they put everything we had into a piece of land on Red Mountain, and planted a vineyard. They planted four acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and within a few years built our home on our vineyard property.

By 2014 they were in a rhythm in the vineyard.  The vines were healthy and maturing, and the fruit was consistently impressive.  The time was ripe (pun intended) for a wine from Magdalena Vineyard. The first vintage of Domaine Magdalena is the culmination of ten years of work and love.  It’s a given that Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is well known, but Domaine Magdalena brings this piece of the earth to life.

The main tenet of Biodynamics is minimal input, to allow things to grow the way they would without human intervention.  Domaine Magdalena’s winemaking philosophy emulates this. Unmasked by unnecessary oak or time in barrel, it is the truest expression of our land and its story in the year of 2014. Maggie and Cristophe look forward to farming, fermenting, and drinking the produce of our land for years to come, and they hope you will be with them for the journey.




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