Domaine Boisson

Region: Rhône Valley

Winery Info

The historic roots of Domaine Boisson date back to the mid-nineteenth century, when the great, great grandfather of the present owner, Régis, bought a piece of land with a small stone cottage. At that time cultivation was varied, and the property was populated with cereals, olive trees, vines, a meadow and a garden.

After the Second World War, René Boisson (father of Régis and grandfather of Bruno) developed the estate. After the olive trees froze in the terrible winter of 1965, René decided to replace them with vines. In 1957, René Boisson began his own wine production and left the Cave of Cairanne cooperative to which he had belonged. The first bottle carrying the Domaine Boisson label appeared in 1986.

Régis and Bruno, through their own training and experience, were able to bring a new vision of wine production to the domaine, all while still adhering to their deeply rooted family principles. Above all else though, it is a love and respect for the land and terroir that guide wine production at Domaine Boisson.

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