Domaine André Neveu

Region: Loire Valley
Winemaker(s): André Neveu

Winery Info

André Neveu, owner and winemaker of his eponymous domaine in the tiny village of Chavignol, has been making wine for over 45 years. André, locally known only as ‘Casio,’ is a seventh-generation winemaker in this village known mostly for its famous ‘Crottin de Chavignol,’ which is a small round of aged goat’s cheese that is best consumed at 10 AM with a fresh glass of Sancerre! Today, Casio’s son-in-law Thomas Dezat has assumed the role of winemaker at this 30-acre estate. Producing four terroir-specific white Sancerres (all 100% Sauvignon Blanc), as well as a red Sancerre and rosé both from Pinot Noir, Casio and Thomas are producing some of the best Sancerres available.

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