Dio Fili

Region: Macedonia

Winery Info

Dio Fili Estate (‘Diofili’ = ‘two friends’) is the collaborative project of John Polyzos and legendary Yannis Boutaris. Boutaris discovered the potential of this region after purchasing grapes for the Boutari Company. After a long period of time purchasing fruit from John and his wife Georgia, a business partnership formed.

Dio Fili is located in Siatista, a town located in western Macedonia just off the Egnantia Odos. What makes this area so unique is its old Xynomavro wines that range from 70 to 115 years of age, as well as the high altitude (900 meters) where the vineyards are situated.

Known traditionally as a hub of fur trade, the village of Siatista is now increasingly known for its Xynomavro vines.

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