Region: California
Proprietor(s): Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi
Winemaker(s): Steve Devitt

Winery Info

Proprietor Darioush Khaledi and winemaker Steve Devitt made an unorthodox choice, to commit to Southern Napa Valley – choosing its cooler microclimates to develop their unique style.  While the focus was in northern Napa Valley in the late 1990’s, Darioush was headed south. Seeking opportunities others overlooked, Darioush and Steve focused intently on site selection and cooler microclimates in Southern Napa Valley; high atop Mount Veeder and the maritime-influenced Valley floor.  Replanting where necessary to unlock the full potential of both the vineyard and wine grape cultivated from it. They committed to a Bordeaux-style of winemaking – a blended style they long admired for the potential to truly express a wine’s character.

Now these years later, the Darioush estate comprises 120 acres in Southern Napa Valley spanning the Mount Veeder and Oak Knoll AVA’s. We believe truly unique wines reflect great vineyards, but also the character of the people behind them. Individualism and the role of the craftsman are heralded qualities that honor our ancient and modern influences.  Darioush Signature wines echo these founding principals.  Possessing inherent personality, they are complex, poised, individual, courageous. Wines with gravitas. Bridging old-world traditions and modern style and stature. Crafted to be appreciated on the world stage, they are the most revered and celebrated wines in our portfolio.

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