Region: Galicia
Winemaker(s): Katia Alvarez

Winery Info

Burgans is a custom cuvee by Martín Códax, the largest cooperative in Rías Baixas founded in 1986 under the guidance of Luciano Amoedo. Over the last three decades, what started as 50 families and small plots of Albariño scattered around the village of Cambados has grown to include almost 600 families and well over 3000 small parcels of Albariño.

The driving force behind Martín Códax is Luciano Amoedo, a ninth generation grape grower in Rías Baixas and an early proponent of the Albariño variety. Long before Albariño was synonymous with Rías Baixas, Luciano was dedicated to the promotion and development of both. Now an official in the local DO, the day-to-day winemaking responsibilities at the cooperative are in the hands of Katia Alvarez. With such a vast array of sites and with so many individuals involved, Martín Códax has invested in a team of viticulturalist who make regular visits to the vineyards to educate the members on proper farming techniques and sustainable practices, including the use of cover crops to fix nitrogen in the sandy, granitic soils. They host a daily radio broadcast in the region as well, so as to encourage the best practices and pay their members based on the quality – not quantity – of their fruit. All of the vineyards are located in the Salnes sub-zone of the appellation, which is the coolest and most humid of the regions within the Rías Baixas.

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