Big Flower

Region: Western Cape
Winemaker(s): Ginny Povall

Winery Info

Big Flower comes to us from Botanica Wines, which is the notable accomplishment of Ginny Povall, an American-bred and self-taught winemaker who has made an impressive career out of a long-time hobby. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Ginny began making wine long before she had all the resources available to her now. Having grapes domestically – and occasionally even internationally – shipped, Ginny would prepare her own wine in the comfort of her own home, using a recipe that has since brought her much success and recognition.

Ginny eventually ventured to South Africa to pursue this passion and plant her vines on Protea Heights Farm, which is located in Devon Valley and just about 10 minutes outside the center of Stellenbosch where she now resides. Back in the late 1940s, it was the first farm in the entire country to grow protea flowers, South Africa’s national flower, and Ginny makes sure to maintain this long-standing tradition today by dedicating a fraction of her property to protea cultivation. It’s probably also no surprise how Big Flower got its name. With vineyards freshly planted in 2009 and 2010, her winery is just now coming into production. Ginny is one of the exciting winegrowers to keep an eye on – her vibrant and charming personality shines through in her distinctly refined, textured and lively wines.

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