Barnard Griffin

Region: Washington
Winemaker(s): Rob Griffin

Winery Info

Founded in 1983 by Rob and Deborah Griffin, Barnard Griffin is the premier family-owned winery in Washington and an important part of every wine aficionado’s tour of the state’s greatest wineries. Not only does it have a rich winemaking history, one that represents the true pioneering spirit of Washington State wines, but it also takes you into wonderful, new varietals. Barnard Griffin encourages you to join the adventure that begins in the fertile mind and experimental alchemy of founder Rob Griffin. His ever-expanding palette of artisanal wines will make the perfect addition to your table.

Make note: when you are in Richland in the Tri-Cities area, indulge yourself with a special treat and turn off Highway 182, just about half a mile, and say “Hi!” It’s an easy visit, and while you are there, maybe have a taste (or two) of Rob’s outstanding and multi-award winning wines – all served by a helpful and friendly staff. You’ll experience one of the many reasons why Washington State is the second largest and most popular winemaking state in the country.

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