Region: Piemonte
Winemaker(s): Matteo Ascheri

Winery Info

The Ascheri winery is located in the historic Piedmontese town of Bra. Founded in the early 19th century, the winery today is run by Matteo Ascheri, 45 years old, the dynamo who leads the new generation of Piedmontese winemakers. Matteo has introduced many innovations and produces all the major Piedmontese white and red wines, as well as several outstanding Cru or single vineyard bottlings. His vineyard practices are sustainable, without the use of chemical treatments and synthetic fertilizer. The goal is to produce the best quality grapes in order to have a non- interventionist practice in the winery.

Matteo Ascheri speaks about his philosophy of wine production: “Wine is becoming more uniform throughout the world, as producers use the same grapes, the same technologies, the same barrels for aging and especially the same consultants. My objective is to make a distinct wine that expresses its vineyard site, the grape varieties used and in particular, my own ideas about how it should be made… I want to make natural wines, with concentration derived from the vineyard that possess qualities of balance, elegance and finesse.”

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