Region: Abruzzo Umbria

Winery Info

Joe Campanale, Wine Director of Epicurean Group, created Annona to bring some of his favorite underappreciated styles of native Italian wines to America. Annona makes these wines in partnership with traditional winemakers whom Joe first got to know as a consumer himself, and fostered these relationships over the past decade in his travels to Italy. Tasting through wine cellars, Joe uncovered wines that had local following, but were often overlooked by wine importers looking for popular, easy-to-sell wine. With Joe’s extensive experience working the floor of popular New York restaurants, he knew these wines would resonate with the ever-evolving wine community back home. To that end, Annona was created to showcase these wines to the broader public. The wines are made in a non-interventionist style harkening back to Italy’s ancient winemaking traditions. Try Annona and discover a side of Italy that you’ve been missing.

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