Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Estate

The Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Estate in Wachenheim at Weinstrasse is one of the largest and most important family-owned wineries in Germany, with tradition dating back to 1597. The total vineyard area amasses to 85 hectares – a treasure trove of top-rated vineyard sites in the unique landscape of the Mittelhaardt district. Bettina Bürklin-von Guradze, the oldest… Read more »


Owned and operated by the Lucas family and rumored to be one of Pfalz’s finest wine producers is Lucashof Estate. The property dwells in the southern sector of Rhineland-Palatinate in a famous, a region oftentimes referred to as the “German Tuscany.” This famous wine village enjoys a climate and geographical terrain that, when combined, create… Read more »

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The Ockfener Bockstein, a very steep 50° southwest-facing hillside slope, is located in a side valley away from the Saar river where the sun’s rays shine unimpeded by any other hills. Its soils are hard, gravelly gray slate lending a smoky aroma and great minerality to its wines. The extensive forest topping the hill retains… Read more »


Ivan Giovanett, of Italy’s Castelfeder winery, and Tobias Treis, of Germany’s Julius Treis winery, ventured a major re-cultivation project to bring Reiler Sorentberg, a steep slope vineyard located in a side valley of the Mosel River, into production. The south-facing mountain was abandoned 25 years ago and is famous for its unique terroir. When Ivan… Read more »

Züm Mosel

As a mouth-watering and food-friendly Riesling from Germany’s famed Mosel river valley, it’s no surprise that Züm Mosel Riesling is the flagship signature wine from Schäfer-Reichart Selections. The wine is sourced from traditional, small family growers with top vineyard holdings along the Middle Mosel, and it represents the best of old world winemaking tradition. The… Read more »