Wildstock Wines

Launched by Scott Paul Wines in 2014, Wildstock Wines is a multi-varietal family of wines that reflect the creative, independent and wild spirt of Oregon. These are down-to-earth varietal wines that present a distinct sense of place – the Willamette Valley.

Like Oregon, these wines aren’t afraid to make a statement. The Pinot Blanc portrays rich floral aromas with a bright and unapologetic finish. The Chardonnay is delightfully crisp and refreshing. And the Pinot Noir – of course, Scott Paul Wines had to produce a Pinot Noir – is both robust and refined.

Scott Paul Wines is an artisanal producer of Pinot Noir, based in Carlton, Oregon and currently under the ownership and direction of Cameron Healy. They are united under a mission to produce and market the best wines — with honor and integrity, utilizing practices that fully respect the earth and the chain of human lives that create, nurture, market and consume the wines, and the interlocking web of communities where we work and live.

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