Vieux Château Certan

Region: Bordeaux
Winemaker(s): Alexandre Thienpont

Winery Info

Vieux Château Certan embodies the highest expression of aromatic finesse and elegance that can be achieve on this magnificent terroir. The graceful character of the wine is mirrored perfectly in the architecture of the château, in the garden and grounds, and last but not least in the warm welcome we extend to our visitors, who come from all four corners of the world.

Covering 14 hectares (35 acres) in one single block, the Vieux Château Certan vineyard is the fruit of a century of painstaking work and careful decision-making. Everything is carefully analyzed, from the orientation of the rows to the high density of plantation, and from planting the right grape varieties in the right soils to strict pruning and trellising methods, so that the best possible grapes are used for every vintage. Vieux Château Certan has fertile soils, which means that great care is also required to limit the vigor of the vines and favor the ripening of the grapes. Of the property, current proprietor Alexandre Thienpont remarks:

It has now been almost a century since my grandfather, Georges Thienpont, acquired Vieux Château Certan, one of the oldest and most prestigious estates of the Pomerol vineyard. My aim today is to build on the good work of previous generations by preserving the family’s l’art de vivre and the natural beauty of the estate, and by devoting as much care and attention as I can into into making a wine whose style will continue to thrill enthusiasts all over the world.


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