Tierra Divina Vineyards – USA

Region: California
Winemaker(s): Patrick Campbell , Ray Kaufman

Winery Info

Tierra Divina Vineyards encompasses a portfolio of wines from both California and Argentina, all of which are the “brain children” of Master Winemaker Patrick Campbell. Patrick began his winemaking career in 1981 when he produced the first vintage of Laurel Glen Cabernet Sauvignon, from a tiny vineyard he owned on top of Sonoma Mountain. Constantly in search of a great value for consumers, Patrick has expanded his wine horizons to include projects in Lodi, California and Argentina. He was the first North American to produce his own Malbec in Argentina under his Terra Rosa label in the mid-1990s, leading the charge on what has been one of the hottest and fastest growing wine varietals in US wine market history.

“Great value” has always been a hallmark of Patrick’s wines and this led him to discover some ancient vineyard sites (some dating back to the late 1800s) in the hills of Lodi, where he sources fruit for his REDS and !ZaZin projects, which he began producing in the early 1990s. To the uninformed, Lodi would appear to be too warm an AVA to produce great wine since it sits at the mouth of the Central Valley. Patrick explains, however, that as the Central Valley heats up, the hot air rises and creates somewhat of a vacuum, pulling cool air off the Pacific up the Sacramento River Valley. It then enters the Central Valley through Lodi, which creates “cool pockets”, especially in the hills where Patrick’s sites are located. Intense heat can shorten the life of a vine. The incredible age of the vines in the sites Patrick works with is a great testament to this “wind gap” phenomenon.

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