Thorne & Daughters

Region: Western Cape
Proprietor(s): John & Tasha Seccombe
Winemaker(s): John Seccombe

Winery Info

Thorne and Daughters Wines was started in 2012 by John and Tasha Seccombe to produce authentic wines in the beautiful Western Cape where they have made their home. It has been a long journey that has taken them around the world and back to where they first met. The couple shares a mutual love for the Cape, and they want to taste its air and sunshine in their wines.

To produce their wines, John and Tasha have drawn on the great history of wine growing in the Cape, putting together old vineyard parcels with new grape varieties and making wines with old school simplicity and modern ‘edge.’ Their approach to winemaking is simple and gentle, with the aim of making wines that tell a story, not wines that shout and bang a drum.

John and Tasha spend a lot of time cooking and talking about wine, food, photography, building and gardening. Their home and family hold the utmost importance, as they are constant sources of energy and inspiration that they take into the world.

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