Thistledown Wines

Region: South Australia
Winemaker(s): Peter Leske

Winery Info

The thistle is an apt image for a producer that, for its rugged exterior, makes wines that possess a delicacy, subtlety and beauty that constantly surprise. At home in the Adelaide Hills, Thistledown handcrafts small parcels of wine from vineyards chosen for their soul as well as soil. Thistledown wines look to reflect the terroir by picking for optimal balance rather than power and by winemaking that is, wherever possible, hands off.

Peter Leske, Giles Cooke and Fergal Tynan of Alliance Wine Australia are the masterminds behind the Thistledown creation. Peter has huge experience in many aspects of the Australian industry and was head winemaker for Nepenthe for 10 years. Giles and Fergal both have extensive backgrounds and immense passion for Australia, having tasted and travelled there for over 15 years apiece – bringing with them a tireless energy for twisting classic styles and importing ideas from their travels elsewhere. Drawing on this background, the trio works alongside growers and wineries to craft a range of seriously individual wines that are a true reflection of the people that made them and the land on which they were grown. They’re not looking for the mass-produced or the banal – they seek out fruit, land, people and ideas that inspire them and, in turn, inspire you.

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