Region: Burgundy
Proprietor(s): Saint-Cyr Family
Winemaker(s): Raphael Saint-Cyr

Winery Info

Saint-Cyr is a family with roots in Beaujolais going back four generations. Thierry Saint-Cyr was schooled in wine making and began working with his father in the vineyards at the young age of 17. That was in 1980. During the harvest of 1981, Thierry met his soon to be wife, Laurence. After they married Laurence left her mountain sports life in the Alps to join the family business in 1983.

Thierry worked in the vineyards, assisted in the wine making and together he and Laurence sold the wine at the winery and travelled all of France building the reputation of Saint-Cyr. In addition to all of this, they bore two children, Raphael and Emilie, one of them destined to follow the family tradition.

As you would expect in a family winery, each family member takes a role. Thierry works the vineyards and is also the winemaker. Laurence handles the administrative work and sells wine in their little shop. Raphael is focused on the vineyards and the transition to organic farming along with his sales position handling exports. And finally, Raphael’s wife, Karine started in 2012 to work with Laurence in administration and sales. Now that is a family winery!

Much like his father before him, Raphael studied agriculture and joined the winery at the age of 22. That was in 2008. Since 1990 the vineyards were cultivated under “Terra vitis” otherwise known as agricole raisonnée. Each generation brings new thinking and Raphael brought the ideas of diversifying the production with Beaujolais Crus, planning to have all of the vineyards certified organic, and beginning to look at the export market.

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