Region: Mendoza
Proprietor(s): Darío Werthein and Fabian Suffern
Winemaker(s): Juan Carlos Pulqui Rodríguez Villa , Paul Hobbs

Winery Info

Owners Darío Werthein and Fabian Suffern have been friends since childhood, but they only recently found out that their grandparents grew up in the same small town of Riglos, Argentina. With the establishment of the Riglos brand, the pioneering spirit of two immigrant families –from Germany and Ireland respectively – is strengthened in partnership and commemorated in name. Sourced exclusively from their estate vineyard in the Valle de Uco region of Mendoza, the portfolio is comprised of three wines: a malbec, a cabernet sauvignon and a red blend, all styled to strike a balance between vivid varietal expression and elegant structure. The rocky soils and the high altitude of the estate combine to form a unique terroir that expresses itself in these sophisticated wines with intense aromatics, exceptional configuration and excellent food pairing abilities.

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