Pràban na Linne

Region: Isle of Skye

Winery Info

Pràban na Linne was established on the Isle of Skye in 1976 by Sir Iain Noble to provide an authentic whisky for the Gaelic speaking islands of Scotland. Today this is one of the few remaining family businesses in the Scotch whisky industry, and the only one currently headquartered in the Hebrides.

Real Whisky as it used to be.

In keeping with traditional methods, Pràban na Linne’s whiskies are unchillfitered. Pràban na Linne is one of the pioneers of the re-introduction of this process, the authentic production method originally used by the Gaels. In using this method Pràban na Linne retains all of the natural ingredients in the whiskies, resulting in a smoother, softer flavor.

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