Podere Il Palazzino

Region: Toscana
Winemaker(s): Luciano Bandini

Winery Info

Podere Il Palazzino, owned by Alessandro and Andrea Sderci, is located in Monti in Chianti, 20 km northeast of Siena, in the southern part of Chianti near Gaiole. The estate is part of a network of farms and country residences built or restored in the eighteenth century during the land reform enacted by Leopold Hapsburg-Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

The Sderci family became owners of the estate in the mid nineteenth century. However, wine only started being produced and sold at the beginning of the 1970s when Alessandro and Andrea took over the management and the first vineyards were planted. The Il Palazzino estate and wines have a traditional style but an organic approach to viticulture. This traditional style is most reflected in the flag wine, Chianti Classico Grosso Sanese, which started as a “supertuscan” but was then produced as a Chianti Classico. “Our job is to make Chianti Classico” Alessandro Sderci remarks.

Edoardo, Alessandro’s son, works in the vineyards and Valentina, his daughter, works in the office together with Claudia, Andrea’s daughter. Natural viticulture has been followed for many years and the estate is now certified organic.

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