Mount Langi Ghiran

Region: Victoria
Proprietor(s): Darren Rathbone
Winemaker(s): Ben Haines , Jess Robertson

Winery Info

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Great Dividing Range in the Grampians region of Victoria, the Mount Langi Ghiran (Aboriginal for home of the yellow-tailed black cockatoo) vineyard is one of the most isolated and unique sites in Australian viticulture. The vineyard, with its towering granite cliffs and loamy red soils, encapsulates an extraordinary sense of place. Mount Langi Ghiran, or Langi, as the staff fondly refers to it, was originally planted in 1870. It has become the home of one of Australia’s finest cool climate wines, the Langi Shiraz. Langi was first planted with Shiraz in 1870 and later replanted by the Fratin brothers in 1963, whose fruit of exceptionally high quality drew a strong following. The property was sold to Trevor and Sandra Mast in 1987 and then again in 2002 to the current proprietors, the Rathbone family.

Although the Rathbone family contemplated the idea of becoming wine producers for some time, it wasn’t until 1995 that their dream became a reality with the purchase of a vegetable farm in the Yarra Valley, named the Laura Barnes Vineyard. Due to the family’s background in agriculture and manufacturing, as well as their passion for the wine industry, it didn’t take long before they broadened their interests by purchasing Yering Station, then Mount Langi Ghiran and finally, Xanadu.

Of Mount Langi Ghiran, Chief Winemaker Ben Haines says, “the feeling this place gives you is indescribable; you simply cannot deny the heritage and the sheer beauty and energy of this very special vineyard. There is so much to acknowledge of the past here at Langi – the more you dig, the more you find. This is part of what makes the future so exciting.”

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