Region: Piemonte
Proprietor(s): Malabaila Carrega family
Winemaker(s): Valerio Alfredo Falletti , Andrea Paglietti

Winery Info

The Malabaila property consists of approximately 90 hectares, of which 22 hectares are vineyards, located within the area of Castelletto. The vineyards stand on loose soils which are poor in water and erode easily, but that are ideal for growing vines. The estate is managed by Costanza Carrega Malabaila and her daughter Lucrezia, together with Valerio Alfredo Falletti who is both an oenologist and a passionate agronomist. The equipment in the cellar is very modern so that technology and tradition are perfectly blended. The estate is certified for low environmental impact viticulture and for wine production with a low content of sulphites, no residues, no GMO additives, and no allergens.

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