Loca Linda

Region: Mendoza La Rioja
Winemaker(s): Brian Smith

Winery Info

Loca Linda & Jolie Folle translate loosely to ‘crazy beautiful’, inspired by an Argentine compliment for someone who is “crazy in a good way”.

In 2007, Brian Smith made his first trip to Argentina and discovered a place with both of his passions: vineyards and snowboarding. Old vines, amazing people, and a favorable currency gave Brian the crazy idea that he might be able to fulfill his life long dream of making beautiful wine. By 2008 Brian had cobbled together some great fruit and some borrowed tank space. Loca Linda was born as the first vintage of his project with 400 cases of Malbec. Jolie Folle followed not long after with wines sourced from both France’s Loire Valley and Provence.

In true startup fashion and DIY spirit of his home base of Brooklyn, Brian imported and distributed the wines himself in order to finance the next vintage of grapes.

Today, CRZY BFTL Wines are sommelier driven wines made in close collaboration with friends, farmers and winemakers. They focus on non-interventional winemaking and preserving the natural health of select vineyards. They pride themselves on making great wines bottled in earth friendly large format bottles.

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