Le Vigne di Eli

Region: Sicilia
Proprietor(s): Marco de Grazia
Winemaker(s): Calogero Statella

Winery Info

This small estate on the northern slope of Mount Etna was recently established by Marco de Grazia, owner of the nearby Tenuta delle Terre Nere. “Establishing Le Vigne di Eli” – Marco says – “was effortless. A simple act of love towards my little daughter Elena (Eli). It happened in 2006. I was offered first one, then another, tiny vineyard, both in exceptional crus: Feudo di Mezzo and Moganazzi-Voltasciara. I bought them, and since the parcels were so small and fine, I was somehow reminded of Elena. Thus, Le Vigne di Eli was born. To use Elena’s drawings as labels came naturally because I love her art work. And equally naturally came the impulse to have this ‘child’s estate’ be a help to children in need. Thus a substantial part of the small proceeds goes to a childrens’ hospital, the Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer in Florence. With this, the children’s project came full circle.

“Today, seeing the growing appreciation for Eli’s very fine wines, I’ve selected more tiny parcels of outstanding quality, contracting them, and releasing a bit more very fine wine. This includes a lovely Etna Bianco from a vineyard in Milo. And in the future I know I’ll surely be tempted by other precious little parcels. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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