Region: Salta
Proprietor(s): Rafael, Osvaldo, Gabriel & Domingo
Winemaker(s): Rafael Domingo

Winery Info

As you drive into Cafayate in the Calchaquí Valley, you encounter a combination of red rock outcroppings, candelabra-shaped cacti, and sprawling vineyards. Just outside this small, picturesque mountain town, you will find a small, new winery with a panoramic view built on a hillside covered in cacti, dry rock and sand, and now vineyards. Domingo Molina is a family winery managed by three brothers (Osvaldo, Gabriel & Rafael Domingo) who grew up in Cafayate, and their winery represents the second generation of Domingo brothers making wine together. The name Hermanos translates to “brothers”. Their high altitude vineyards are located between 5,300 and 7,300 feet above sea level and are fed by the ultra-pure water that percolates through the mountains just above. This extreme altitude and 340 days of sunshine yield wines with intense aromas and soft tannins which are a pleasure to drink.

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